Thoughts mold our world, we can’t change the world
if you don’t change our thoughts.

– Albert Einstein


  • Virginie Drouot
    Virginie Drouot Founder & CEO

Born and raised in beautiful Champagne, France, Virginie came to the US in July of 2001, bringing with her a BA in Film Production in Paris, and 4 years of working experience in TV commercials. Her two internships in New York and Los Angeles really gave her a passion for the US. Short after moving to Los Angeles, she started working in Features for major studios and famous directors such as Steven Soderbarg, Gregory Hoblit and French director Florent Siri. Her 20+ years of experience as a Line Producer and Production Supervisor on Union and Non-Union shows in features, TV and TV commercials for companies such as Morton Jankel Zander and Barnstormer Productions to name a few, makes her a remarkably skilled professional on the field. Through meditation and mindful readings, she successfully combined her passion for cinema and the environment. She took charge and, one set at a time, she’s changing mindsets and bringing awareness on the urgency to improve the movie industry’s waste management. She thrives in problem solving and adores applying her expertise to solve production pollution.

  • Jonathon Ebel
    Jonathon Ebel Co-Founder & COO

Jonathon Ebel has been working in Los Angeles in the Craft Service commercial and TV industry for the past 13 years. He thrives in always making the crew happy so they can be at their best while working on set. His passion is to change mindsets and bring awareness about production pollution to the crew by being as mindful as possible at his table.

Jonathon, aka Jonny is known to always go the extra mile and his incredible, and edible, expertise in client services brought him to the beautiful task of servicing our planet and our mission.


“Let’s make our lives and our children’s lives better by moving towards a greener lifestyle and a greener workplace!”      _Jonny E.

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