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How the entertainment industry can have a positive impact on the environment ?

Producing a movie or a commercial can be challenging. As producers, we all know how difficult it can get on set to control everything and to have instinctively the right actions in terms of environment. Plastic bottles, food waste, single-serve catering, we can easily list them, and covid didn’t help with the use of thousands of disposable masks per production.

To illustrate our saying, an average day of filming equates to more than one person’s annual carbon footprint and an average hour of filming equates to the carbon footprint of a return flight from London to New York.

So, don’t you think it’s time to make a change ?

We have prepared for you the beginner steps in order to have a better impact on the environment. Small steps can lead to amazing results.

Aluminium canned water

Having a good impact on the environment means first and foremost reducing plastics. Using canned water is a good sustainable option. There are a few canned water brands but Open Water seems to be the best option since it’s the only one that’s entirely climate neutral.

Recycling/ Composting

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is by recycling, choosing the appropriate trash for your waste. In order to do that, it’s important to have clear indications on each trash by putting pictures of what should go in each bin. It’s good to have a bin for waste, one for recycling and one for compost bins.

Recycling Services : Hiring an eco set PA

Investing in recycling services on set can be very efficient. You just have to hire a sustainability production assistant who will manage the recycling and composting program that you would have put in place beforehand.

Donate Food

On set, wether it’s from crafty or catering, you’ll always have to deal with major food waste. The goal is to donate leftover food to associations, shelters around you. Don’t hesitate to look up online, there are plenty of those !

Here are the first pillars to start having a better impact on the environment while working in production. At EcomindSet we have the power to make this change for you. We can help you on those four pillars and use our expertise to do even more for you. A good investment in environmental awareness could reduce your budget and we are here for that !

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