EcoMind™ Crew Bottle

Perfect for stage jobs. Assign the EcoMind Crew Bottle to crew members like a walkie. It’s a BPA Free reusable water bottle.

Clips to belt, folds in pockets and bags, stands when filled. The top pops, no loose parts.

Easy to refill, the drinking nozel will never touch the water dispenser’s nozel. Can be customized.

EcoMind™ Kit

Craft Service supplies for 1 day shoot for 40-50 crew.

  • Hot Cup No Sleeve Needed compostable paper cups
  • Compostable Lids
  • Compostable Cold Cups
  • Compostable Forks
  • Knives and Spoons
  • Small 100% recycled Snack Trays
  • Paper Towels and Napkins

EcoMind™ Recycled Trash Bag

We are proud to support our manufacturer’s very meaningful mission which is to employ and create paths to independence for people who are blind or visually impaired. With every recycled bag you buy, you help both the planet and people working towards a more sustainable world. 

Our 33Gallon 100% recycled trash bag is manufactured from 100% recycled resins, 30% post-consumer & 70% pre-consumer recycled material, minimizing input of  more plastic into our waste system by recycling.

And no more doubling our trash bags on set, they will hold heavy workloads without tearing and almost never leaking.

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