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ORION Podcast - How Can the Entertainment Industry Be Sustainable? | Virginie Drouot, EcoMind Set

Virginie Drouot, Founder of EcoMind Set, joins ORION to discuss her passion for film, and her mission to make production sets more sustainable. With over 20 years of experience in film production and 5 years as an entrepreneur, Virginie has set foot on all types of productions, seen plenty of behind of scenes filled with trash - and is ready to lead on the successful path of sustainability. EcoMind Set, Inc. directs the film industry to play its role towards the Zero Waste scene and get the big picture, giving each story the opportunity for a clean slate to benefit the health and the well-being of our generation and the next. 

Click on the photo below to watch on YouTube or listen on Spotify and Apple 👇🏻

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