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Produzen, a growing community in the film industry

Sharing knowledge and offering support to our production community is what, Co-Founder, Ross Grogan, and his wife, Victoria Curtis, Founder of, did beautifully during this Covid-19 stay a home order. Their created a Slack channel late March and saw the community grew from 25 to 300+ members within 3 months, from across the US. If you want to stay informed and find useful articles about the entertainment industry struggles and efforts during Covid, and tips from SBA loans to Farmers Market delivery service, sign up to, and be part of the community.

You will find also very informative Panels about different topics relating to pertinent issues in the commercial and film industry, inviting major players to participate. Their Panel about Locations included Film LA director, Paul Audley. The last one about was about Insurance and Liability and included Taylor & Taylor Insurance, and Workers Comp from Payroll companies. These Panels are usually scheduled on Wednesdays at 2PM PST. In addition to these Panels, Ross and Victoria organize Round Tables every Tuesdays on Zoom with special guests. Make sure you attend as these Round Tables as they are not recorded in order to keep the discussion opened between all the attendees who can ask questions at anytime. To help Ross and Victoria in their mission to keep the information flowing and the communication going, Virginie Drouot, our Founder & CEO is moderating the latest Round Tables. Please be sure to sign up into the Slack Production Community to have access to the Zoom links. Adding value and offering support is key for our community to keep a healthy mindset and feeling safe going back to set.

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